Welcome to Marella International Group of Schools. Mrs. M. L. Adebisi, the Proprietress, founded the group in 1979...

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We have different facilities in the school for students to use like a state to heart boarding house, basketball court, swimming pool

TESTIMONIAL - Senator & Mrs Akanbi. I am privileged to have my 3 boys attend Marella from primary through secondary from 2004 to 2015. Meanwhile, my sister's children attended Marella between 1995 and 1997, Since then I conceived the idea that if my children would ever school in Ibadan, they would attend Marella, and to my surprise, 10 years after, nothing changed, they didn't disappoint me. The first thing that I appreciate in Marella is the class size of between 9 and 13 pupils and once pupils exceed a certain number in a class, they establish a second arm. This really touched me, because it shows that; 1. the management's aim is not to maximize profit, 2. Teaching is a lot simpler and encouraging for the children, 3. There is room to identify the character of every pupil in their care. In short, Marella is like the foreign tutorial school, they give attention to every detail required in teaching, training and caring for their pupils. All of these I enjoyed on all of my 3 boyz. My first son, Idris was identified as a slow learner in his former primary school in Lagos, right from age 2 and I got him a home lesson teacher coupled with my personal efforts, he scaled through primary 5 but could not pass any of the Common entrance exams. Coincidentally, it was same year we relocated to Ibadan. When we brought him to Marella, we were advised to allow him attend their summer coaching with extra classes for Primary 6 after the completion, he passed 3 supplementary common entrance exams to notable schools. I was amazed. So we decided to allow him continue in Marella secondary, while we enrolled the younger ones in Pry 4 and pry 1. My first son, Idris who was a supposed slow learner, passed out of Marella in 2010, having 2 As, 1 B and 4 Cs in WAEC, with 276 in Jamb. He is now a graduate of civil engineering from the University or Portsmouth, UK, obtained a Masters in Engineering project management from the university of Manchester and is a PRINCE2 certified Project project practitioner. Marella helped to shape the lives of my children and made life so simple for us, learning to excel became very interesting, training on sporting activities and summing was quite interest for the 3 of them and in fact, I appreciate Marella more for the sports. My second son, Farouq was all about books and not a sports person nor water friendly before joining Marella, but to our surprise, after like 4 months in Marella, he became very active in basketball and football, and a good swimmer, so much so that he had a swimming pool party for his 10th birthday. Farouq still maintain his lead in academic’s despite been Social and active in sports. It gives me so much joy to say that despite having to train 3 boys, though we gave them good home training, none of my boys picked any bad habit or bad friends from school. Farouq is rounding up from University of Sheffield soon to bag a BSC in Economics and presently has an offer from University of Warwick for masters‎ in economics and Finance, and my Baby, Abdulmaleek‎ is working hard to complete his Foundation in June ‎at the University of Nottingham to progress into Law. My husband and I, are always ever grateful for the decision we made to bring our 3 children from Lagos to school in Ibadan. It's been a success story, thank God for Marella.‎ We appreciate you. Z. A. 'Folake Akanbi (Mrs) CEO, Libragold Group